About Shiploads

At Shiploads, we will save you money!

We buy products from all over the world with one main goal: to save you money.

We know you’ll save money shopping at Shiploads – we just love to know exactly how much you have saved?

Can such low prices be correct, we hear you ask?  Yes, they can! When we find these great bargains – whether they come from close to our home here in Tassie, or from far across the waters – they won’t end up in our stores unless they meet one criteria: they must be the cheapest price out there.

Buying by the shipload helps us offer such low prices – the more we bring into our stores, the cheaper it is for you.  So rather than lots of small displays in our stores, you’ll see our extreme value products piled high.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you at one of our stores soon.  Just remember that when you shop at Shiploads, you’d better have your answer ready – you never know when you might get asked, ‘how much have you saved?’

(And just one more thing – when you are adding Shiploads to your weekly shopping list, we hope you get the spelling right!) 

                 everything we do is to save YOU money!

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